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Need a Professional Product Photographer?

Let our professional product photographer shoot an awesome 360 view of your product in Imajize's ultra specialized 360 degree product photography studio in San Luis Obispo, California.

What we do

Our 360 degree product photography studio specializes in just one thing: 360 degree footwear photography.

Why just footwear photography?

Glad you asked. By choosing to focus on photographing just one thing, we actually have a good chance at being the best at it. It takes thousands of hours of shooting one type of product to be "the best" or anything close to it. This makes our photography studio unique, as every single aspect of our operation is perfectly tuned just for your line of shoes very quickly and consistently without sacrificing quality at all. This is unusually rare for a product photographer that makes 360 degree views. How rare? Well, simply do a Google search for "360 degree footwear photographer" to see how many other product photography studios have this narrow specialization. There aren't many.

We don't care if we actually are the best. We simply strive to be. What's more important is that by shooting just one type of product extremely well, we can offer you a unique advantage over competing product photography studios.

Imajize's Unique Advantages:


Our niche specialization dramatically reduces our operating costs, which lets us offer a better price.


Shooting just your type of product dramatically increases workflow simplicity, which increases quality control.


Our studio is a fine-tune image factory that requires zero set-up time to shoot your product, so yes–we're very fast.

Image consistency

Our studio setup doesn't change. Thus, your images will look 100% consistent always and forever.

Knowledge of the footwear industry

We know footwear. This means we can speak your language, we'll see you at trade shows, and we can actually have a meaningful conversation with you about your industry trends. But more importantly, we will have a deep understanding of your needs from day one.

How it works

Step 1: Order

Place your order & ship your product with a return shipping label.

Step 2: Shoot

We'll photograph 360 degree images of your product and upload it to your Imajize account.

Step 3: Install

Review, approve & install your professional Imajize 360 view – we provide free 360 view installation.

Step 4: Return

We'll send your product back once you give us the green light.

Base Pricing

Each 360 view comes standard with 20 individual high resolution images (3,000 x 3,000 pixels @ 300 dpi).

1 Product

$95 per 360 view

2-10 Products

$65 per 360 view

11-50 Products

$45 per 360 view

50+ Products

$35 per 360 view


We'll shoot, edit and upload your 360 degree images to your Imajize account within 7 days.

Rush processing is available. Visit our product photography pricing page for details.