Pricing & FAQ

  • For lean and mean start-ups needing the absolute basic essentials.
  • Mobile compatible 360 viewer with Amazon CloudFront hosting
  • Store up to 100 products
Most Popular
  • For fast growing businesses that need total control over their 360 views.
  • 360 viewer customization
  • Whitelisted domain restrictions
  • Store up to 1,000 products
  • For leading brands that do not mess around when it comes to 360 product photography.
  • Your very own Imajize developer to help you get started
  • SSL embed link encryption
  • Platform branding w/your logo
  • Store up to 100,000 products

Try now. Choose later.

We'll give you free 14-day trial with all of our features! Choose a plan when your free trial is finished.


All plans include:

360º Viewer

Fully hosted, mobile compatible, fun to use and easy to install.

Full Screen Mode in HD

Nobody beats our image sharpness & loading speed in Full Screen Mode.

Worldwide CDN

Our Content Delivery Network ensures your 360º view loads fast.

Hi-res Zoom

Show your product's detail at resolutions over 5,000 pixels.


Your 360º view will look perfect on literally every device.

Unlimited Domains

Use Imajize on as many websites as you like!


Are there storage limits?

All plans comes with complementary storage. If you go over on storage, don't worry – you do NOT need to upgrade to a higher plan. All you have to do is pay a small storage fee of 20¢/month for each product beyond your plan's limit. For example, storing 110 products on the Basic Plan would be just $31/month ($29 base + $2 extra storage).

Which features are on each plan, exactly?

Our pricing page (above) lists the core features. Check out our plans comparison chart for a detailed breakdown.

How do I create 360º images?

Check out our 360º product photography learning guides, or shop for a 360 photography turntable. If you want to find a pro to shoot a 360 view of your product, check out our in-house 360 product photography pricing page. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.

Are there bandwidth limits?

All plans come with 50,000 hits per month of complimentary bandwidth. Less than 1% of our customers go over on bandwidth. Those that go over are typically doing beyond $1M/year in sales directly from their website. You can easily monitor your bandwidth usage through your Imajize account, and we will also send you an email if you're ever on track to go over.

What is a "hit"?

We measure bandwidth by "hits". A hit is when someone views your 360º view on a webpage you add it to. 

What happens if I go over on bandwidth?

We'll send you an email when you're on track to go over on bandwidth. If you do go over, your 360º views will continue working and you'll get billed at a flat rate of just $0.0005 per hit. That means showing it 10,000 times would cost just $5.00!

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