High bandwidth pricing

Everything you need to know:

  1. 99% of our customers do not exceed 50,000 hits per month.
  2. All of our plans (Basic, Pro & Enterprise) come with a complementary 50,000 hits per month.
  3. A "hit" is our measurement of bandwidth. When someone looks at your 360ยบ view on a webpage, it counts as a hit.
  4. Your account comes with a hit counter so you'll know where you're at. We'll email you if you're on track to go over.
  5. If you go over, your 360 views will continue working and we will bill you at a simple flat rate of $0.0005 per hit.
  6. You automatically receive bulk discounts as your bandwidth increases. See our pricing chart below for details.


Monthly bandwidth

First 50,000 hits

Beyond 50,000 hits

Cost per hit

Free (included with all plans)



Monthly bandwidth calculator

*Less than 1% of our customers exceed 50,000 hits per month