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Imajize for your Ecwid store


You have amazing products, do them justice!

As business owners we put so much time an energy into doing all the things necessary just to get our products online, but most of us fall short in one crucial area - effectively displaying our products!  The product image is the most important asset when it comes to online shopping.  You can have the best copy or slickest Ecwid template, but without quality product images your products won't sell.  Effective images must answer questions, highlight important details and most important, tell a story.  Most websites use a single static image, or perhaps a few shots of the product to try and show as much of the product as possible without ever letting the customer fully experience the product.  What if you could do better?  What if you could display your products in a dynamic way that leaves no question from the customer about how this product looks or functions? You can do better, and we can help!

What exactly is Imajize anyway?

Imajize is the benchmark in 360 interactive product merchandising software.  Imajize has set the bar high and continues to raise it through non-stop development based on feedback from our valued customers.  Imajize was born out of frustration of our eCommerce clients not having a good solution for displaying full 360 views of their products. We set out to be the best solution for easily displaying 360 views of your products on your website. Our development model was unusual in the fact that we set out to design Imajize to be retailer- friendly first and foremost.  We understand the issues retailers face and our mission was to develop a product that was cost effective, easy to use without requiring technical expertise, and finally that it just plain worked!

What does Imajize do?

Imajize can take ordinary static product pages and transform them into interactive product pages, allowing your customer to tour products in his/her own unique way.  Instead of just having one or two images of your product, you can load as many images as you like showing all angles of your product.  Typically images are loaded in sequential order to show a full 360 view of an image.  Most users load anywhere from 18-36 images to show a full 360 rotation of a product, but some do more and some do less.  Some prefer to highlight a product feature like how an arm articulates or how a product opens/closes.  The options are only limited by your imagination!  A 360 view will not only display your products in an ultra cool way, it answers a lot of questions the customer might have about the product.  The more questions you can answer, the more purchasing barriers are reduced and the higher your conversions will be.  Showing a 360 view reduces barriers by allowing the customer to experience the product almost as if they were holding it themselves.  Your customer controls the experience simply by clicking and dragging the image left or right.

Is Imajize Mobile Friendly?

Yes! Imajize was designed with eCommerce retailers in mind first and foremost. Mobile is a huge market for eCommerce and mobile compatibility is a MUST. Without getting too techie, Imajize will load on any browser friendly device and look awesome!

How do I add Imajize to my Ecwid Store?

To get your 360 images of your products on your Ecwid e-commerce website there are just a few steps which we will walk you through, easy peasy! This video will show you how to add our 360 view integration App into your Ecwid account. The App makes integration super simple.

Can I see the Imajize App installed into a real Ecwid page?

Definitely! Here's what our App looks like when it's installed into an Ecwid page:

Which do you prefer?

Static Image



Imajize 360 View

Are you ready to Imajize your Ecwid shop and offer your customers a better shopping experience? 

Let's face it, there are a lot of purchasing options out there and you need to do what it takes to win customers and give them a great shopping experience.  Imajize is here to partner with you and provide a valuable tool that helps convert sales.  Sign up for a free 14-day trial and experience Imajize for yourself!  We have excellent tutorials on how to shoot 360 views of your products.  Looking for a qualified photographer to shoot your products?  Check out our experts directory.  Better yet, let us shoot them for you - FOR FREE!

For a limited time we are offering all new Ecwid customers a free photo shoot!

Send us up to three of your favorite products and we will shoot a 360 view of them for FREE, all we ask is that you cover shipping costs both ways and that the products weigh 20 pounds or less, are no larger than 24 inches in any dimension and are free standing. Are you ready to make your website a better place? Contact us to get started!