Prodecotech needed to increase their overall sales with a new visual medium that could be both fun and interactive, yet intuitive and inviting. They were refereed to us by another Imajize customer, and Prodecotech decided to use 360 views as a universal sales tool for numerous marketing and initiatives.

Biggest Challenge

Assembly. Shipping an e-bike is easy, but assembly is not. We wanted to make sure most of our time was spent shooting, not assembling, so a good solution was key.


Prodecotech brought in, a nearby dealer, to help with providing our studio with pre-assembled bikes that were already in stock. This worked great, and it allowed us to shoot the initial batch of ebikes very quickly.


This served as a valuable sales tool for Prodecotech because they learned how to leverage an Imajize 360 view. Instead of simply integrating it into their website, they integrated it into various aspects of their marketing operations and sales channels. For example, because the Imajize 360 viewer is so easy to install and syndicate, they decided to share it with their network of online retailers. This served as a significant differentiator because Prodecotech was the only ebike brand providing online retailers with an easy-to-install Imajize 360 view. This resulted in online retailers displaying interactive, hi-res 360 views of only Prodecotech bikes on their product pages.