This client reached out to us requesting a turn-key in-house solution, as they felt their website was falling behind and they needed to do something "different" to provide a unique and compelling guitar shopping experience. We equipped them with a Spin Nina photography turntable and our 360 viewer. I served as a consultant to help them adjust their photography process, and our CTO, Jasper Michalczik, worked with Elderly's ecommerce manager to make the 360 viewer integration process seamless and efficient.

Biggest Challenge

Lighting. A 360 view shows a product at ever possible angle. Because guitars are curvy and reflective, and it is a challenge to make the lighting look good at every possible angle.


We were able to use a very specialized lighting setup that was engineered by Imajize a few years ago for a different client that needed to shoot 360 views of glossy motorcycle helmets. The lighting setup was specialized, but the supplies were affordable and easy to install within their small 10x15 studio space. I assisted with fine-tuning the lighting, and they were very satisfied with the end-result.


My contact at Elderly declined to participate in a case study. When I asked why, they replied by quoting their CEO at a recent board meeting, "Imajize is not to be shared with anyone outside of Elderly – this is our secret weapon." Overall, I'm happy with Elderly's execution of making 360 views a fully-integrated part of their website. They let us advise them with making all of the small (and big) technical decisions to deliver the best possible 360 viewer experience within their budget.