New Stuff: Shopify App, UserVoice, Guided Tour, and More Payment Control

August 2013 Newsletter

We’ve got some exciting new things to announce at today.  What are they?  First, we built an app for and it just got officially approved and published earlier this month.  Next, we now have a place for you to submit new feature requests to us.  We also finished up a fancy guided tour of Imajize for all of our new signups to enjoy. And finally, we added a feature that gives professional photographers the *option* to take over the monthly Imajize payments for their clients.  That’s not a typo – we really did it!

Let’s take a deeper look… logo

Shopify App.  Get ready Shopify users.  No more having to copy and paste your 360 view code into the HTML area of your product description!!  Now all you need to do is download this app, paste your Imajize embed code into a special area within your Shopify account, and . . . that’s it!  It gets better – this app  also replaces the static product image on your product page with your Imajize 360 view!  It works with every Shopify theme that we’re aware of, it’s dead-simple to install/uninstall (setup takes about 3 to 5 minutes), and the app is free to download!  Here’s a link to the app with a 3-minute demo video.

UserVoice logo

Share Your Feature Requests.  We all love being listened to.  Some companies listen better than others.  We want to do a really good job at listening to your ideas, so we’ve given you a place to submit your feature requests.  You can even vote on new ideas other people come up with.  It’s really neat.  We’ve already seen quite a few good ideas pop up so far, and some of them have already been developed and added to Imajize.  Want to see some new features added to Imajize? Here’s a link to the page. Be sure to bookmark that page so you can easily find it later.

Imajize guided tour welcome

Guided Tour of Imajize.  To make it easier to get started, we built a really simple guided tour of Imajize to show you everything you need to know. Hope you like it!  We just launched it earlier this month, so if you have any input or suggestions, then feel free to drop us a line at

How to change payer in settings

Total Payment Control for Pro Photographers.  If you signed up with Imajize via a photographer account, then you may have noticed that Imajize required your client to enter their payment details with us.  While that worked for some, it didn’t work for all.  So we just added the ability for photographers to take over the monthly Imajize payments for their client.  We added this feature to your “My Clients” page.  Oh, and don’t worry, if you still prefer to have your customer pay Imajize directly, then you can still do that.  We made it really easy to change the payment responsibility back and forth.

So that wraps it up!  If you have any questions, just drop me a line at

Michael Allen
CEO – Imajize™