March 2015 Newsletter

We've been working super hard over the past few months. But what have we been up to? Well, it's time to share the good news!

Introducing Spin Ninja: Our First 360º Turntable!


Yes, we are now making a fully automated 360º turntable, engineered in Germany and made in California. In fact, we are doing our first production run this month! I posted a video of it in action on our product page. Contact Michael (via if you have any questions or want to schedule a live demo of Spin Ninja via Skype or FaceTime. 

Experts Directory

Imajize Experts Directory

We brought the Experts Directory back! And it's about time. Big thanks to all who took the time to jump through the hoops to be on the list.

If you're looking for an Imajize certified pro to shoot your stuff in 360 degrees, check it out!

Simplified Layout

Simplified project layout

We simplified the layout within a project. It's very much like DropBox, which is famous for its simple (and somehow friendly) user interface.

**It also allows you to move a 360º view from one project to another!

New Site Design & Promo Video

Yep – fresh new website! We launched it on Monday. Check it out. Also, here's our new Imajize promo video...


Thank You

Imajize Team: Jasper, Katie, Michael

Jasper, Katie and I get to wake up in the morning and work on growing this self-funded company day by day. We can never say this enough, but thank you for your support. So far this has been one heck of an adventure.

All the best,
Michael Allen
CEO - Imajize