Imajize Updates: New Pricing, Website, 360 View Player and Sharing

Over the past few months we’ve been working really hard at getting some new updates ready at Imajize.  Late last night the updates went live. As with any major update, there may be a few small bugs lingering beneath the code.  If you notice anything “buggy”, drop us a line and we’ll be quick to fix it.

Here are the details of the updates.

New Website

We took a turn for “clean and simple”.  In fact, it’s almost minimalist; lot’s of white space, intuitive wording, and less clicks are required to get where you want to go. Take a peek:

New 360 View Player

While the old 360 view player worked great, we decided to make it even better.  Here are some key upgrades: 
1. Instant zoom.  No more waiting with a loading bar.  As soon as you click to zoom, it zooms in right away and seamlessly loads the hi-res image in the background. 
2. Auto-spin upon loading.  Just to let your customers know it’s a 360 view (and grab their attention), it quickly spins once upon loading. 
3. Full Screen mode.  We realized that when people want to see a product, they want to see the product to it’s full potential by using every pixel on the screen.  That’s what full screen mode does amazingly well, so we added it. 
4. No more Imajize logo.  You spoke out, we listened.  The Imajize logo (which was in the upper-left corner) is now gone. 
5. Compatibility with Retina Displays. Since the New MacBook Pro came out we wanted to make your 360º images look great on it, and now they will!
**Be sure to upload your 360º images to 2560x1920 pixels.  This way your images will stay tack-sharp on those big retina displays.

New Pricing

No more paying $0.01 per hit.  We are changing to fixed monthly plans. See our up-to-date pricing at:

As usual, if you operate an independent photography studio and use Imajize with your clients, then you are still free to use our 360 view player on your portfolio/gallery page at no charge.

New Ways to Share

Finally, it’s easy and economical to get your 360 views in the hands of your online retailers.  Simply change the privacy on each 360 view from “Private” to “Public”.  That’s it.  After you do that, you’ll see a link at the bottom of your “My 360’s” page which says:

Want to share your Public 360 views? Give them this link:

Give your retailers this link, and they’ll be able to use your 360 views without having to pay or sign up with Imajize.  Their usage will get applied to your account, but under our new pricing model we cover the first 10,000 hits each month (if it go beyond 10,000 hits, you pay a small fee for each additional 10,000 hits).  You can instantly disable sharing by changing the privacy back to “Private”.

And one more thing…Starting today, you can use Imajize as much as you want for the next 30 days – totally free of charge.  At the end of the 30 days, you can choose to continue using the service by adding your payment details.  To do that, simply sign in to your account and enter your payment details.  Just go to “My Account”  and click “Add Payment Details”.  Don’t worry, you will not be billed during the 30-day free trial.

Thanks!  And we hope you like what we’ve done!

Michael Allen
(Co-founder, CEO & Support Crew)