Imajize 360 Product Viewer Now Loads 2X Faster!

Hello again! This is Michael, the co-founder of Imajize, and I'm really excited to announce that we made a huge update to Imajize's 360 product viewer. If you're like me and you like having things explained in a nutshell, then here's the nutshell:

Your 360 views are now loading TWO TIMES faster!

Why did we make the 360 product viewer load twice as fast?

The short answer is simple: The faster your 360 product viewer loads for your customers, the happier they will be. I'm also 100% sure happy customers are good for business.

How did we do it?

To be honest, we did a lot of little things...and one really big thing. So what's the "big thing"? Without getting too technical, every 360 viewer is designed to work only after every single image is done loading. But that's like waiting for an entire video to load before you can start watching it! Sadly, this the case with standard 360 product viewers on the market...until now.

Similar to video, we developed a new way of loading data in highly specific sequential chunks. So, if you're using Imajize then you can pat yourself on the back with assurance that the 360 view of your product is loading two times faster!

We're very excited about this update, and we're looking forward to keeping you updated with more big updates with our 360 viewer later this year. Until then, keep spinning!