Free Photo Shoot Friday:

This week we shot a 360 view of a bar of soap. But it’s not any ordinary bar of soap. This one comes from an artist in Washington that forms soap into interesting shapes! The sample we got from him was of an english bulldog head. We agreed to do shoot a free 360 view of his soap, make a video tutorial on how we did the 360 product photography, and then give the soap away for free to a lucky fan on our Facebook page: If you’re curious to see how we created this 360 view, check out the video tutorial above. Learn and enjoy!



Video Transcription

Hey guys, Michael with Imajize here, and I’m going to show you how to shoot a bar of soap that’s carved into the shape of an English Bulldog head. I know, the most random thing we’ve shot so far, but it’s actually pretty cool and smells really good. Unfortunately you can’t smell how good it is, but trust me, it’s good soap! 

We’re holding this one up with a paperclip, and we’re going to have to remove it in Photoshop. There’s actually a company that specializes in doing this kind of thing, so we’re going to use a company to do this. That’s the bar of soap, and that’s how we’re holding it up. Let’s go over the camera lens and the kind of camera we’re using. This time we’re using a Canon 5D, and the kind of lens we’re using is a 24-105 F4. It’s L Glass, and it’s a really nice Canon lens, I like it a lot. So, that’s what we’re using for the lens. In terms of the lighting and the setup, we’re using the tent again, just like the last tutorial, and it’s pretty cool. It’s made out of this background paper by a company called Savage, and it’s being held up right now with some light stands. Works out really good. It’s kind of a one size fits all setup. Then for the actual strobe lights that we’re using, we’re using strobe lights by a company called Alien Bees, and we’re using two B800s for the front for lighting up the inside. We’re using this really powerful B1600 in the back and we’re using these things called barn doors to direct the light. It’s pretty cool. That’s it for the lighting and the tent. 

The turntable we’re using is a homemade turntable, and we’ll show you that when it’s running. We’re using 36 frames this time. It’s a bar of soap, it’s a piece of artwork, so we want it to spin really smooth. Next is centering the product. How did we center this thing? It’s not as easy as you’d think, because how do you find the center of the table? Well, there’s a trick. What we did is we got out an arm with a little stand on it, and at the end of the arm we taped a piece of dry erase marker and we pressed it against the table. We did a spin, and it draws a circle, like a perfect circle. You can draw a couple of them and eventually make a really small circle in the center of the table. In the center of that circle is the center of the table. We just put a little, tiny piece of tape there, and that’s where the center of the table is. We just put the bar of soap right on that piece of tape, and it’s perfectly centered.

Next was cleaning the product. With a 360 view it’s pretty laborious to remove every single piece of dust from each little frame. This bar of soap is actually pretty clean, I mean hey, it’s a bar of soap, right? We used a lint roller to get off any little, tiny pieces that might show up. It’s really nice and clean now, and it’s pretty much ready to get shot.  Let’s check it out.

Let’s start this thing up and shoot away. We’ve got the little starter button here, and let’s give it a go. While it’s spinning we can check out the turntable. Here we got this little black and white thing, this little black and white disc, and it’s got a little infrared sensor. The infrared sensor reads those white lines and sends a signal to fire the camera every time it does that. It’s got a little motor over here, it’s all geared down. It’s done by a belt drive. Pretty cool, works out really well. Works really great for these video tutorials.

Let’s check out this bar of soap, actually. I’ll speed it up a little bit. Looks like we’re all done. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to go into Photoshop and we’re going to start editing these photos and making them look really nice before we upload them.

We have our project here ready to upload a 360 view to. I called this one “sample project.” What we’ll do is we’ll go to “actions” and go to “upload.” From here we’ll just give it a name--we’ll call this one “English Bulldog.” We’ll just drag and drop the images right in there. These are all the settings for it, I checked them beforehand. Background color: white. Spin direction: counterclockwise. Auto spin: we’ll have it spin once automatically at 13 rpm for the speed. Spin sensitivity: set it to 3. Rotation axis: this lets us choose whether we’re going to spin left and right as opposed to up and down. Zoom magnification: 3x. Spin control: click and drag. Fullscreen mode: enabled. Alright, let’s do this. This’ll take about a minute, and after it’s all done, the 360 view will be pretty much ready to go. 

Looks like we’re all finished up, let’s check this one out now and see how it turned out. Cool, there it is. Spins around once, zoom in, check it out, see all that detail. So from here I’m going to go back to the project and I’m going to go to “share.” So, go to “actions” and go to “share.” From here what I can do is enter this guy’s email address. From here I would make them an admin. They’re going to be responsible for owning this project so we’ll make them the payer for this project. Then we’ll just click “add.” This will give them access to the project so they’ll be able to add the 360 to their website. So let’s flash forward and check it out to see how it looks on their site. 

Cool, here we have it all done. We have the 360 view really cleanly embedded into their site. This 360 view actually replaces the old static image. It was actually pretty easy, they were able to do it all by themselves. This company uses Shopify for their ecommerce, and they downloaded our app. We actually have a Shopify app that lets you put the 360 view right here, which replaces the old static image. No need to copy and paste it into the product description area, which is what other companies do. Nothing wrong with that, but this is just a really clean way to do it and we like it a lot. If you want to be able to do this, and if you have Shopify, it’s really easy. We built an app for Shopify so you’re able to do this. What you have to do is you have to go to, and then go to “Resources” right here. Go to “App Store,” and in the search area type in “Imajize.” There we go. This is it, this is our page for the app. What you have to do is just watch this little tutorial, it’s just a couple minutes long, and then after you’re all done with that just click “Get App.” The app is totally free, and you’ll be able to put the 360 view right where you want it, which is right here. So, that’s what it does, and it works really well.

If you have any questions, or need any help, or if you want to have your product featured in one of our future Free Photo Shoot Fridays, just shoot us an email to, and I will probably personally read your email and check it out and consider your product. Let us know. Alright guys, happy Friday, and I’ll see you next time!