February 2013 Newsletter

As a platform for publishing 360 product photography on the web, we’ve got some big news!  In fact, Imajize has made a mammoth leap forward.  So we’ve got that, and we’ve also added some handy new features to imajize.com for our customers to enjoy.  Alright, let’s check it out…

First: New Imajize Features!

Multi-row feature while uploading a new project

Multi-row.  Yes, it’s finally here!  Now you can upload a 360 view with not just one axis, but multiple axises.  This is called “Multi-row” or “3D” photography.  Not sure what that looks like?  Not to worry, here’s an example: http://embed.imajize.com/kyzIZvkrevI  …I’m actually pretty eager to hear what you think, so don’t be shy to drop me a line at support@imajize.com with your opinion.

Re-upload action within a project

Re-upload.  Upload the wrong images?  No problem – now you can re-upload the images to your current 360 view without having to delete it and start over.

Spin control: "click & drag" or "hover over"

Click & drag spin control.  Our 360 viewer used to have only one option for the spin control: “Hover Over”.  While that’s a very popular style, people also like the “Click & Drag” style.  So, we added it!

Bigger previews.  In the past, once you finished uploading your images to Imajize, it provided you with a preview of your new 360 view.  But it was very, very small – almost embarrassingly small – so we quadrupled the size.  Enjoy!

The Big News

Imajize is happy to announce two new partnerships with two high-end 3D/360 photography equipment manufacturers in Europe!  Did we merge our companies together?  Nope!  Instead, we’re going to work together with these two manufacturers to help our companies grow and innovate.  It’s as simple as that.  The long-term goal is to have an extremely polished workflow that’s seamless, efficient and unbelievably fast.

So who are these two companies?  Let’s take a closer look…

XYimager logo

Designed by photographers for photographers, XY-IMAGER produces versatile, high quality 3D/360 product photography equipment for professional photography studios.

XY-IMAGER is a manufacturer based in Austria, and I had chance to talk to their staff and look at their product line on their website.  I was impressed.  Actually no, I was very impressed.  They offer three kinds of motorized 360 photography turntables that vary based on how much weight each can handle (110 pounds (50kg), 220 pounds(100kg), and a whopping 660 pounds (300kg)!!).  XY-IMAGER offers a variety of well-built add-ons for each of these turntables (including one that allows you to shoot multi-axis 360 views!).  These add-ons will quickly make your photography studio look like a decked-out Hollywood movie set.  The sky is practically the limit.

Multigrad logo


Next we have Multigrad, the German-based manufacture of 360 photography equipment.  Right away I immediately noticed something different about this company.  They keep things simple, intuitive and very thoughtfully designed.  But there’s one more thing, Multigrad makes both the motorized turntable and the software (their software controls every aspect of the hardware).

So let’s take a quick glimpse at their equipment.  Like an iPhone, Multigrad offers just one model of their computer controlled rotating platform.  It’s simply called the “Multigrad Base“.  Its design looks really clean, it can very comfortably handle up to 220 pounds (100kg) and it even sounds cool when the motor spools up.

Here’s a 70 second video of it in action (cool motor sounds included): http://www.youtube.com/embed/NKqqAWTV4V8

Here’s a link to their official website with a good, clear explanation of their hardware and software:
English: http://www.multigrad.de/en/multigrad-studio.html
German: http://www.multigrad.de/de/multigrad-studio.html

**Availability to North America is coming soon.

For questions about their products, you can contact them via the contact form on their company website:http://www.multigrad.de/en/contact.php

So that wraps it up for our February 2013 newsletter.

Have a question?  Have a great idea?  Want to share your opinion of our new multi-row 360 viewer?  Feel free to drop me a line at support@imajize.com

Michael Allen
CEO / Co-founder

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