360 Viewer Features

Professional 360 viewer features your business can grow with.


Unbranded 360 Viewer

Our unbranded 360 viewer comes standard with every plan.

Content Delivery Network

Our Content Delivery Network ensures your 360ΒΊ view loads fast.

Unlimited Domains

Use Imajize's 360 viewer on as many website domains as you need.


Full Screen Mode

Nobody beats our image sharpness & loading speed in full screen mode.

Truly Responsive

We use a cloud-based responsive image processing to resize your 360 degree images so they fit perfectly on any device.

Hi-res Zoom

Show your product's detail at resolutions over 5,000 pixels.

360 viewer customization

Customize every aspect of your 360 viewer until it's perfect.

360 viewer processing

Always fast and sharp

Imajize's 360 viewer automatically processes your 360 product photography images into literally thousands of different sizes! This technology makes your 360 view load fast and look sharp on ANY device and screen size worldwide. 

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive and simple

It's never been easier to upload your images and embed our fully hosted 360 viewer into your website. Just copy and paste our embed link into any website you want – that's it!

360 viewer domain restriction

Whitelisted domain restrictions

Control which websites your 360 viewer works on. Whitelisted domain restrictions gives you the power to stop anyone (such as your competitors) from using your 360 views on their website.