A quick overview of our 360 Viewer for spinning products.

The Basics of a 360 Viewer

What is a 360 viewer?

A 360 viewer is pretty simple: A camera captures a bunch of photos (usually between 20 and 36) of a product that rotates on a photography turntable, and a 360 viewer is the software that makes those 360 degree product images become interactive and appear to spin. In other words, a 360 viewer is an ultra specialized image slideshow player on steroids!

There are two types of 360 viewers, and they get mixed up by people all the time. Let's look at each...

The first type of 360 viewer spins productsthink rotating 360 view of a shoe. The second type is for 360 degree panorama virtual toursthink virtual tour of a hotel room. The two could not be more different. Both require completely different equipment, photography techniques and software. Best to forever think of the two types of 360 viewers as apples and oranges; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump; iPhone and Android; Tesla Model S and 1967 Camaro; sushi and hamburger; Star Wars and Star Trek. They really are that different. This guide is laser-focused on 360 viewers that spin products, so when I say the word "360 viewer," think of a rotating product–just like our unofficial company mascot, Rotato!

Now, there are a lot of different kinds of 360 viewers for spinning products, and it may feel overwhelming when you have to decide on just one. It's time to learn what things make a 360 viewer good, and more importantly, why each of those things are important.


360 Viewer Features

What features matter and why

If you're searching for a good 360 viewer to spin products online, then you've come to the right spot because reading this will turn you into a 360 viewer guru (trust me–you're going to learn a lot!), but I assure you everything here is written in plain English. No fancy technical jargon. Just straight-shooter explanations with the most important things you need to know in order to choose the best 360 viewer for spinning your products online.

Some companies make good 360 viewers. Others make 360 viewers that genuinely suck. Just like shopping for a printer, it can be difficult to know if your purchase will turn out like that dreadful printer from the movie Office Space. The same goes with finding a great 360 viewer for spinning your product online. This will cover everything you need to know to confidently decide on a good 360 viewer that will improve your business. It's worth the read.

When you implement a good 360 viewer into your online store, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how efficient a 360 view of your product is at reducing product returns, increasing sales (by improving your website's conversion rate), improving your customers' online purchasing experience, and ultimately beefing up your company's bottom line.

What features make a 360 viewer good?

It's not just one thing that makes a 360 viewer good. Instead, it's a combination of several things all working together. In fact, it's like a baseball team, where each player has their own specific, yet equally important role. So what features make for a good 360 viewer? Clearly answering this is very important, so we designed our Imajize 360 Viewer features page to give you a really great bird's eye view of what matters and why.

Simple Pricing

Starting at just $29/month with a 2-week free trial.

360 Viewer Integration & Support

360 viewer integration apps

It's important that your website is properly set up for a 360 viewer. If it's done right, your web page will load everything very fast (as it should!). If it's done wrong then your web page may not be loading everything efficiently (or in the right order).

At Imajize, we developed 360 viewer integration apps that make it easy to add Imajize's fully-hosted 360 viewer onto your web page. 360 viewer integration apps are plugins that set your website up to be 360 viewer-compatible. Best of all, it's easy to set up! Check out our 360 viewer integration page for more details.

Free unlimited tech support

With Imajize, 360 viewer integration support comes free, even if you're only on our 14-day free trial. Some companies charge for 360 viewer integration, so when you shop around for a good 360 viewer just be sure to check if support is included (and if it is included, make sure no strings are attached). The support team at Imajize loves providing world-class tech support with a positive attitude. Welcome to Imajize!