Best 360 Viewer For 360 Product Photography

360 Viewer

You're looking for the best 360 viewer to spin your products. But how do choose with limited time? What makes a 360 viewer good or bad? At Imajize, we are not only overachieving tech nerds, but detail-oriented perfectionists. And we're proud of it. We will teach you how to quickly size up our completion. Why? Well, once you know what actually makes a 360 viewer good, we believe you'll think our 360 viewer is as much of an overachiever as we are.

Photography Turntable

Photography Turntable

You want to do 360 degree product photography yourself, and you need a good photography turntable. Shopping for a photography turntable doesn't have to be like shopping for a printer on Amazon. Instead of trying to quick-sell to you with an insanely biased opinion, we're going to teach you how size up our competition, and nothing more. We know how our photography turntables stack up to our competition. It's not rocket science; we simply make a damn good photography turntable, we teach you what to look out for, and we let you connect the dots with your own wallet.


What does Imajize do?

We make an interactive 360 viewer. It lets your online customers vividly see your product from every angle. We also make a slick photography turntable.

What's the problem?

People visit your website, but they cannot physically experience your product. It's a costly handicap that comes with selling online. Physical retail stores don't have this problem; their customers can interact with any product and see it from every possible angle. Contrast that with your website's static product photo... it's not interactive (hence, "static" photo) and it really doesn't show it at every angle. It does not compare to holding a product in your hands. Physical retail stores continue to dominate at converting visitors into paying customers. Why? They show every product perfectly.

What's the solution?

Cheat! Show your product like they do. Our fully hosted & easy-to-use 360 viewer is the best 360 product photography software that not only shows your product from every possible angle, it literally interacts with your customers like they were holding it in their hands! This crushes the biggest advantage physical stores have against your website.

Who is 360 product photography for?

Innovative businesses that look for creative ways to increase online sales and reduce product returns by virtually putting their product into the hands of every single person that visits their website.

What's different about Imajize?

Making a 360 view and adding a 360 viewer to your site can feel hard. It's not. And that's the sole purpose of Imajize. We make our 360 viewer so easy, your friends will think you grew superpowers. The co-founders of Imajize have an intense passion for making technology so intuitive, it becomes fun.


Benefits of doing 360 product photography with Imajize...

360 product photography hosting lock

Secure & reliable

All Imajize accounts come standard with lightning fast hosting on Amazon CloudFront's CDN.

magic 360 product photography wand

Easy to use

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to get a 360º view on your site. Just upload, copy and paste.

black 360 product photography cart

Increase ROI

Show your customers exactly what they're buying, and they'll thank you by not returning it.


360 product photography tutorials

We have a bunch of really great 360 product photography tutorials on setting up a 360 product photography studio.

360 product photography basics

Get started with creating your very first 360 view!

360 product photography studio setup

Helpful tips on optimizing a 360 product photography studio.

360 product photography lighting

Everything you need to know about 360 product photography lighting.


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